Is A Real Boy 10 Year Anniversary Yellow/White Splatter

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Is A Real Boy 10 Year Anniversary Yellow/White Splatter

DogHouse Records Release
A special 10 Year Anniversary Edition Second Pressing of this classic album.
Includes the 13 original songs from "Is a Real Boy" as well as the 7 songs from the "Was A Real Boy" expanded edition and the song "Walk Through Hell", all remastered for vinyl and pressed on four 10 inch records.
The first 1000 units also include a bonus 7-inch which includes two unreleased songs including "Under the Influence", which was a demo from before the album and "Belt" an acoustic version of song recorded in 2004 by Max.
All 5 pieces of vinyl are packed in a special box along with an exclusive booklet that includes photos and stories from the period.

Transparent Yellow with Opaque White Heavy Splatter Vinyl Box Set.
Limited to 400 packages. $60

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